About Meet Your Match®

Meet the Puppy-alities

Small black and white puppy being held

An evaluator uses the Puppy-ality™ Assessment scores to select the appropriate color (green, orange, or purple) for the puppy. Each color category represents the level of training and attention that is likely required for puppies scoring in that category.

Within the color category, the evaluator then selects the appropriate Puppy-ality description from the three Puppy-alities in that category. The puppy's source of motivation internal, external, or social (i.e. human attention) determines which description the evaluator selects.

The Meet Your Match Canine-ality Manual and Training Guide provides templates that shelters use to create the purple, orange, and green cage cards with the Puppy-ality names and descriptions.

Day Dreamer

Easy-going, relaxed pup seeks laid-back human for mutually low stress relationship. Must see the bowl as half-full, enjoy leisurely games of fetch followed by a quick snack and two-hour nap, and be willing to explore the joys of relaxing together. (Internally motivated)


It's the first day of school and, boy oh boy, am I nervous! I'm not sure where to sit, when we eat or even where the bathroom is. All I need is a person I can trust to show me the ropes. Will you be my mentor and show me around? (Socially motivated)

The Detective

It's elementary, my dear assistant — let's unravel the mysteries of the world together. I simply use my trusty nose and my natural taste for details. You simply offer any leads you might have. Together we'll solve every mystery that comes our way. (Externally motivated)

Bashful Tourist

So this is my first time on my own and, jeez, did you know the world is a really big and kind of scary place (especially when you don't speak the language)? With the right translator, I know I can learn my way around. Until I get familiar with the place, let me stay right by your side — or maybe just a little behind you. (Internally motivated)

Class Clown

Class clown seeks good-humored soul mate ready to let the good times roll. My playful jokes, love of all things chewable and slapstick comedy will keep you and your friends doubled over laughing for hours. When I hog the spotlight, just let me know the joke's over and I'll settle down. (Socially motivated)

The Rookie

Young self-starter looking for an inspirational coach to take us to the top. I've got the whole package — brains, good looks, and loads of raw talent — and I'm ready to use them. Teach me, praise me and I guarantee I'll make you proud at home, on walks, or competing in the field. (Externally motivated)

King of the Mountain

I'm self-educated with a splash of ambition. As canine royalty, I like to set the rules. Explain a better way though, and I'll give you due consideration. I'm really looking to share my throne with a hard working, confident, and full-of-pep human. (Internally motivated)

Super Hero

I'm an all-purpose pup ready to commit 110 percent. When there's a crumb dropped, I'll be there to pick it up for you. When there's a hole that needs to be dug, I'll be there with all four feet. When someone needs a buddy to run miles with, I'll be there with leash in tow. Commit 110 percent to me, and I'll be yours forever. (Socially motivated)

Thrill Seeker

WOO-HOO! This is so cool! Have you tried this ride called LIFE yet? It's got all these great twists and turns and so many neat things to play with like balls, fleece toys, rawhides, socks, pant legs, fingers — and so many neat people to meet — you, your friends, your friends' friends and the friends of your friends' friends. Jump on board and we'll have a blast together! (Externally motivated)